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Viral Youtube Video - Nike – Dream Crazy Don’t ask if your dreams are crazy. Ask if they’re crazy enough. justdoit Prev video Next video Autos & Vehicles Comedy Education Entertainment Film & Animation Gaming Music. スニーカー、G-SHOCK、着ぐるみ、野球などの動画が主になります。 素人なのに、テレビ、ラジオにも多数出演。 出演テレビ番組 坂東リサーチ ぐっさんち 3時のツボ UP イッポウ ザキロバ おはスタ、木スぺ、はなさかタイムス等 ワサビを円形脱毛症に塗り続けて、毛が生えた動画もあります. 国際広告賞ラッシュが続きますが、先日のニューヨークADC賞に続いて、3大広告賞の1つであるOne Show 2019の受賞作が 発表 になっています。 全ての受賞作の中から選ばれるBest of Showには、Nikeが元NFLのスター選手であったコリン・キャパニックをア. Nike has done it again. With just one well-placed, well-timed, and well-developed advertisement, the brand has the internet abuzz. Nike’s “Dream Crazier” ad, which ran during the 2019 Oscars awards show, has given people. After just one day, the commercial garnered over 6 million views on YouTube and more than 28 million on Twitter. The majority of mentions were or Twitter, followed by Web and Facebook, and the overall reception was Nike’s.

Nike on Wednesday dropped a new advertisement on YouTube featuring former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, Lebron James, Serena Williams and a slew of other athletes. Just two. Nike ran an ad during last night's Academy Awards that, in our book, took home the award for Best Commercial. It inspires women to "dream crazier," and that's exactly what we've been inspired to do. 2019/02/28 · Nike features Chloe Kim, Ibtihaj Muhammad, and the Women's U.S. Soccer Team in the inspiring "Dream Crazier" commercial. Thirty years ago Nike taught us. Nike on YouTube "Dream Crazier" is the follow-up to a September 2018 ad, "Dream Crazy", narrated by Colin Kaepernick. Like the new commercial, it's all about inspiring people to dream big, but. m./watch?v=Fq2CvmgoO7I Don’t ask if your dreams are crazy. Ask if they’re crazy enough. JUST DO IT!

国際広告賞の発表が続きますが、先日のOne Showに続き、世界一審査が厳しい賞としても有名なD&ADの受賞作が発表になっています。 毎年、この中からカンヌの有力作が出てくる可能性も高く必見です。 最高賞であるブラックペンシルは、今年は6本選出されました。. "If we show emotion we're called dramatic. If we want to play against men, we're nuts. And if we dream of equal opportunity, delusional," the voiceover in Nike's new ad, titled "Dream Crazier.

Nike’s “Dream Crazy” commercial featured many current athletes and Colin Kaepernick. The ad was part of Nike’s effort to reintroduce its famous “Just Do It” ad campaign from years prior. Have you ever dreamed so big, that it would change the lives of so many others, and end up changing your own, forever? Charlie Jabaley wasn't your typical kid from Georgia United States. Sometimes labelled, "the chubby kid. 山田優の「Do It」動画視聴ページです。歌詞と動画を見ることができます。歌いだしだからDo it, Do it, Do it 歌ネットは無料の歌詞検索サービスです。. Serena Williams of the US serves against Germany's Tatjana Maria during their women's singles match on day two of the Australian Open tennis tournament in Melbourne on January 15, 2019. Nike's. 2019/02/26 · It’s already racked up over six million views on YouTube. The spot is a montage of some of the world’s greatest athletes doing what they do best, and defying authority while they do it.

  1. On Wednesday, Nike released the extended version of its "Dream Crazy" ad, which is narrated by Colin Kaepernick. The ad features the stories of 16 athletes with inspirational stories, ranging from ironman Charlie Jabaley to tennis.
  2. For 30 years, the “Just Do It” mantra has been a motivational call for athletes nationwide, across all sports, and all levels of play. To celebrate that rich diversity, the second film in the.
  3. Subscribe to Highsnobiety on YouTube Following on from its Colin Kaepernick-fronted “Dream Crazy” commercial, Nike just dropped its “Dream Crazier” ad narrated by Serena Williams. “If we.

Martedì mattina, Nike ha scosso il mondo dello sport, presentando la campagna “Just Do It” con l’ex quarterback dei 49ers Colin Kaepernick.E oggi, dopo aver suscitato le reazioni più disparate da parte di insider, sportivi, politici e. Dive Brief: Nike debuted a new campaign, "Dream Crazier," during the Oscars on Feb. 24. Narrated by tennis star Serena Williams, the 90-second spot showcases female athletes who are working to break barriers, the company announced. Video via Nike Subscribe On Youtube In celebration of the fearless women of sports, Nike has unveiled its latest campaign, Dream Crazier—honoring the countless female athletes who have unified.

Narrated by Colin Kaepernick, Dream Crazy provides encouragement to everyone who has crazy dreams and goals that may seem unsurmountable. Don’t ask if your dreams are crazy. Ask if they’re crazy enough. Source: Nike, YouTube. 2018/09/06 · In this commercial, Kaepernick narrates a commercial that contains a montage of people overcoming adversity and striving to become the best ever in. The latest from film and video directors across music videos, shorts, campaigns and motion pictures. An occasional email featuring selections of video from our shelves. We will occasionally share special announcements, projects. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. We were unable to complete the request, please try again later.

Follow-up to last year's Colin Kaepernick spot It's been a tough week for Nike, but the sportswear brand ends it on a sky-high note with "Dream Crazier," the latest "Just Do It" commercial—a stirring salute to women athletes, narrated by Serena Williams, airing Sunday night on the Oscars. エルヴィス・プレスリーが生きていたとしたら、昨年で80歳になったはずである。エルヴィスが2015年にコンサートを行っているところは想像しがたいが、何か月か年上のレナード・コーエンはいまでも3時間半のコンサートを汗ひとつかかずにこなしているし、チャック・ベリーに至っては88歳で.

Image via YouTube/Dream Crazier The ad is part of a larger effort by Nike to highlight women’s achievements in sports. According to ABC News, Williams, skier Picabo Street, and professional volleyball player Gabby Reece are part of the campaign, which will include additional TV ads, a New York City billboard starring Williams, and a website with more videos and “space for women to share.
New Nike commercial features Colin Kaepernick and other major and minor sports stars. You are the owner of this youtube.

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